The names Nathan, Nathan Young.
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(Mun is 18+ and accustom to smut =after all this is Nathan Young here, he shags a lot!) (always filed under read mores)

Verse 2 - Nathan and Simon Lewis are Madly in love each other, both destine to stay together, forever. Etc... (There's lots of Nsfw - written under read mores in this verse) (Will update as time goes on)

Verse 3 - Nathan is single and is now free from any attachment to Marie and Nathan jr. Nathan is finally back to is usual free no strings attached, sex life, self. but little did he know, a new lover was already on their way!

Verse 4 - Nathan and Nikki are in love? Little did they know that all that teasing and flirting would actually lead to love. Nathan merely flirted like always to get laid. But Nikki, only ever told him where to go. But soon after a few years her feelings for him had changed and she couldn't do anything but long for his body all day. to hear his cheeky and cocky voice. To touch his curly locks. Was it really love? or just a sexy summer romance?

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Angel paused the game once again. This time she placed the controller down as she scooted toward Nathan. She had noticed all his attempts the pass months. She just was too shy to acknowledge it. Now that she knew him more and was more comfortable around him, she would acknowledge it. “Maybe I do,” she smiled as she tried not to seem so awkward. 


Nathan smiled, before quickly moving forward and kissing her. He was very forward when it to this. He never thought in a million years he would get the chance to be with her, so he wasn’t going to mess it up. 

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2 Angels, a Demon and an Immortal Prick


Olivia listened to the ramblings of this man, causing her to shake her head at the boy. Hearing the loud crash she ran towards the sound and into the bathroom. After a few more loud noises the big bald guy came crashing out the bathroom, slowly getting up on his feet he growled. His eyes were pitch black and claws,being tackled by Olivia as she ran out the bathroom knocking the big demon back down on the ground.

Nathan jumped as there was more crashing coming form the toiletsimage

"What the fuck!?" Nathan shouted as he watched, who he thought was Alisha, tackle the bloke down to the ground. "What is that?" he asked, taking a step back and over towards her. "Has he got claws?"

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“‘Course I got a name, everybody’s got a name. Rosie. And if you ever think of fuckin’ my friends, I’ll shave your eyebrows off.” That, she did mean. It was nothing personal, she was just protective over the people she befriended. Mostly because those who got to be that close to her were special. She didn’t place her trust in a whole lot of people. “And you’re Nathan, we’ve established that.”

Nathan raised his brows, and tilted his head back slightly in shock and a slight sense of proudness. No one has ever been so upfront to him about what they’ll do if he shagged their mates. Well everyone except Kelly. But his own newly met half sister, this was something new. “Wow!” he said shcoked. “My sister has balls!…Im so proud!” he said before swinging his hips from side to side as he walked over, his arms open wide for a hug. “Come on..You know you want to!?” he said cheekily, a big grin on his face.

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Alisha heard a voice behind her, and it was the same boy as before. Although he seemed a bit irritating, he was quite cute and persistent. Alisha tried to hide her small smile as she replied.

"I’m Alisha.. And you are?" 
Every step she took, he seemed to get closer. She recalled what the other’s looked like, and figured that he’s better looking than that lot.. Especially cuter than the skinny boy with a buzz cut and tattoos…
"You know that this building has alcohol somewhere.. You want to help me find it?" Alisha asked. 

"Nathan. Nathan Young!" he introduced before smiling cheekily. "Of course I do, its a community center, some fucker is bound to have a stash somewhere!"

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Honey, I'm home!

Well I should have know you would say those three words first! …NOW IM MARRIED TO YOU FOR THREE WEEKS! image

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"Right, that’s why you wear your glasses a’top of your head…" Alisha commented, rolling her eyes. "Anyways, you’re late. It’s cunts like you that make these things ten times harder than they have to be." 
Alisha rolled up her sleeve and walked outside with the others, waiting on the probation worker. 

Once outside, she leaned on the concrete wall in line with the others. "So this is it?" she thought to herself, ”I have to deal with this lot for the next month or so… great. Hopefully I can find someone to shag anyway..”

Once Nathan had got changed into his jumpsuit, he joined the rest of the offenders outside, in front of the community centre. The place really did look like a shit hole, but at least he wasn’t alone here. There where girls. Cute ones too. That one he bumped into being extremely sexy.


"I think she likes me!" he said slipping his arm around the chavy boy and smiling. Kelly then Giggling away.

"So, whats your name then. I already know blonde’s, so??" he said walking behind Alisha as she stepped inside. 


Abby slightly rolled her green eyes. She then noticed he was checking her out. She almost had the instinct to cover herself up, but did not do it. For one, she was wearing clothes and there was no need and that would also look silly. “Well,” she said taking a deep breath, “My name is Abigail but as I said you can call my Abby. It’s nice to meet you Nathan.” 


"Of course! Why wouldn’t it be nice to meet me!" he said cockily. "Abby. A cute Abby, unlike the other one! She’s a lesbian you know? Though i’m pretty sure i can change her!" he teased. 

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"I’m your half-sister. You’re my brother." Rosie watched him for a while. He wasn’t sure whether or not he would actually like her, or at the very least accept her. "Dad’s been stickin’ it up plenty of women’s skirts, I think. He left long before I was born."

Nathan just stood there for a moment shocked, his thoughts running wild. What if she died, just like his brother did when they first met? No that would never happen twice in a row!? Did she even know about their brother? Did dad know she’s found him, or even looking for him? Did dad know about her? Oh how he would love to shove this up his big fat, bastard nose! The fucker had more relations then he would have ever had guessed. 

"Half-sister, huh?" he said, placing his hands on his hips and raising a brow. "I guess that could work!" he grinned. "I always wanted a sister…Easy way to get young pussy!" he said, emphasizing on the last word. "So you got a name then, sis!”

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Kelly nodded in agreement. There was the side of him only she could see. The innocent, sweet and sensitive Nathan. She knew it wouldn’t be long till his natural charm, cockiness and ability to not give a shit kicked in, but not this quick. With a big roll of her eyes, Kelly pushed him away. “Ya such a twat Nathan!” she shouted behind her, with a smile from ear to ear as she walked away. image

Nathan hit the front of his locker, from the force of her push, but chuckled off the pain. He loved to wind her up. Well he loved doing anything with her. Kelly was his best friend. The only one who puts up with him. The only one whoput him in his place when he was wrong, or just needed to be told. She was the only one who would forever have his heart and full attention. Marnie has his lovers heart. But Kelly had it all. Everything. Nothing was ever kept from her. She was indeed his one true weakness.

"You know you love it!" he shouted back at her with a big cheeky grin, knowing full well she did. 

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"I’m sure you are!" Reese agreed with a slight snort whilst she unrolled the sleeves of her orange jumpsuit. It was freezing. "——How much y’getting paid for doin’ the Santa job thing?"


Nathan tilted his head to the side and back. “Not much, but enough to buy us both a couple of drinks tonight!?” he said raising his brows, offering to take her out.

"Come on gorgeous, let go inside, i know a quick way to warm you up!" he winked cheekily before walking along side her, towards the community centre. 

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